About us

Who We Are

We are the overseas Indians who care for a better India. We are doctors, students, engineers, volunteers, business owners and everyday citizens coming together for the betterment of our India. We believe that indifference of the masses is responsible for India’s current problems and we are committed to changing it.

Overseas Volunteer for a Better India (OVBI), launched in May 2013, is driven by a group of inspired Canadian NRIs ready to support initiatives in India and tackle issues the Indian community faces. Our movement’s roots are grounded in the Volunteer for a Better India (VBI) movement. On February 3rd, 2013 more than 100,000 concerned citizens united at Ram Lila Maidan in New Delhi in response to rampant corruption, violence towards women, suicides and water shortages. On that day, in unison the group pledged to give 1 hour a day for the nation and to inspire millions of others to do so. And Volunteer for a Better India was born.

OVBI is the overseas arm of Volunteer for Better India. We believe that every individual can make a meaningful impact and play a role in the betterment of the global Indian community. Together, we can transform the world in a way that would make great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi proud. We invite you to get involved


Supporting the Volunteer for Better India movement

Volunteer for a Better India is a citizens’ movement, where groups of individuals come together to solve pressing problems that India faces today. VBI’s primary focus is to address issues faced by youth, women, and farmers in India. We spread awareness and raise funds for initiatives taken by the VBI and provide a platform for India.

Advocacy for India and Indians worldwide

We educate the public and speak out about issues affecting India and Indians worldwide. We build bridges with institutions and individuals working for a better India. Through our efforts, we seek to cultivate leaders and empower the future generation of Indians worldwide.

Supporting institutional reform and systemic change in India

Indians abroad bring to the table deep expertise in the fields of technology, health care, policy making. We facilitate collaboration between domain experts in Canada, US and India to bring about institutional reform and systemic change in India.

Building a Strong Indian community in Canada

We help create a sense of community among Indians by helping new immigrants integrate into the society, offering free community services (immigration, accounting, and medical) and providing a strong support structure for victims of hate crimes, domestic violence, and racial discrimination.

OVBI Initiatives

Fundraising drive

OVBI is engaging about 2500 full time youth leaders, college students in Vote-athons and volunteers in Corporate across India in the Vote for a better India project. OVBI is raising funds to support all these initiatives.

NRIs’ Speak (Big Ideas for a better India)

OVBI organized Big ideas for a better India and invited several entrepreneurs and community leaders to solve some of the biggest problems India faces today.

Cultural/Patriotic Events

OVBI organized and participated several events across North America on Indian festivals, Indian parades, Republic day celebrations and instilled the feeling of patriotism and pride for the rich culture we inherited from our forefathers.

Technology Initiatives

Top notch Silicon Valley NRI engineers are developing state of the art technology to speed up voter registration process. This technology is used to drive voter registrations in corporations through our industry partners NASSCOM and FICCI.

Education and Awareness : Google Hangouts

Global educational and awareness series: The Google Hangouts – featuring social activists, national celebrities and prominent, well renowned leaders. Some of them are Kiran Bedi, Rajiv Malhotra, Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke M.R. Venkatesh and Darshak Hathi