Adopt Halgara village


Problem Statement:

Halgara – A village in Latur, Maharashtra. The Halgara farming village is experiencing its worst drought in history, where villagers travel 3-4 miles to get water with no water for farming.


Broadening and deepening river base.
To bring stake-holders, government and farmers to bring sustainability.
Widening the canal (60 ft) and deepening (10 ft) of canal.

Developmental Agenda:

As part of Phase 1, we restored 5km long canal by widening 60ft, deepening 10ft between 26th Jan to 5th June 2016.
Phase 2 to restore sub canals (refer cover photo, execution will start in Dec 2016) and building 10-15 water recharge shafts.
Collaborate with local government and stakeholders to ensure sustainability.

Project Impact:

Widened 5 km of canal in length, 60ft wide and 10 ft deep in 5 months of time.
Halgara 5km canal is 100% filled. Halgara received 130+mm rain between 13th – 14th September.

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