Clean Ganga

OVBI Canada is fully endorse the Government of India Initiative – Clean River Ganga Project

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Ragini Sharma (Art of Living Teacher)




“It really was just an hour of seva -nothing. But it was very uplifting. Also, I was amazed by the power of sankalp. I had packed gloves and garbage bags in suitcase from Toronto with this sankalp. I had no idea how it would happen. For three days i kept these gloves and bags in the car as we went around to visit temples. Then on the last day, getting off from the boat ride in the Ganges, i saw these two guys with brooms on the ghats. I asked them for help and they agreed. As they swept along the Ganges and went in the water to retrieve the garbage, I put the stuff in the garbage bag. I even slipped and fell – the lowest step gad kayi (slippery). By Ma Ganga’s grace i got up – not a scratch. I thought to myself – wow, Ma Ganga just took away some of my karma. At one point we came across some clothes – lying along the ghat. The men told me not to pick them up – i told them no, this is polluting too. Later I thought that the men probably thought these clothes were from dead bodies that float on the river! Om Namah Shivaya. At the end if the seva i sat with my feet in Ma Ganges and prayed and felt blessed.”

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