Project Udaan


Approximately 1.2 million children are exploited in prostitution throughout the country (UNICEF 2010 India Country Report)
Children under the age of 18 make up 35% of workers in the sex industry. Recent reports estimate that this number is increasing by nearly 10% per year.



The Problem: Barely any NGO has taken up this cause of rescuing these innocent girls because of the inherent problems that come from working in these areas. They have all the resources but don’t have the will to venture into this territory. The NGOs are looking for someone to show them the way.

The Solution: Project Udaan is a pilot project for the Sonagachi red light area in Kolkata, for creating a “Safe Haven” for 50 girls, where they can lead a normal childhood, safe from the real dangers of the flesh trade.

By setting up a “Safe Home” we will demonstrate that such efforts can be very successful. This will encourage other NGOs to also take up this cause and they will be able to reach out to the remaining 1.2 million such needy children across India

Sonagachi, Kolkata, is one of the largest red light areas in Asia. It is an area with several hundred multi-story brothels and estimated 11,000 sex workers & 14,300 children. Approx. 3,400 children are in the age group of 1 – 10 years.

The plan involves building a secure house away from the red light area. Our target age group for the 50 girls to be rescued is 5 – 18 years. We will provide them a safe home, food, clothing, modern education, health care, vocational training & most importantly HOPE


  • Set up a secure residential school for 50 girls , at a location that is at a distance from the Red Light areas. Mothers will have visitation rights
  • Set up Skills & Vocational Training center
  • Include service based activities in the curriculum, increase the leadership skills & self worth of the children
  • Create an enabling environment for children for all-round development of their personality and inculcate the passion for self- growth in their lives
  • Include the Art of Living courses in the curriculum :
    • Organize Bal Chetana Shibirs : Bal Chetana Shibirs have been customized especially for the all-round personality development. These Shibirs help to restore the joys of childhood, innocence, and confidence among the children.
    • Organize ART Excel Courses : The ART Excel course is for children aged between 8 and 13 years, it helps them gain good personal skills and nurtures their best natural potential. ART Excel students learn life skills, yoga and breathing processes which help eliminate fear and anxiety, techniques that enhance focus and concentration, simple meditation and relaxation techniques, skills in friendship, leadership and teamwork.
  • Empowerment programs for the Older Girl Child : Create a workforce that would undertake initiatives at the community level to identify and resolve issues, leading to improving their overall living conditions. The programs will also nurture and groom social leadership amongst them. The participants will be provided with a wide spectrum of in-depth training with regard to their physical, mental and emotional development for dealing with any challenging situation effortlessly and to undertake their role in the society more effectively & efficiently.



Our Team has Already Started Working In Sonagachi

Free Medica Clinic & Yoga Training: To build trust with the people of Sonagachi, the Udaan team is already in Sonagachi providing free medical help and yoga training to general population.
Free medical camp and yoga / meditation center

Free School For Children: We recently started a small school in Sonagachi. These children who till now were roaming aimlessly on the streets are now going to a school.
This is a very humble start towards a well established residential school.
Thanks to all your help their journey has now begun.

Our school children celebrating Children’s Day

The Project envisages the liberation from bondage of successive batches of Girl Children from the Red Light area

Let us join hands and come together to break this vicious cycle of flesh trade. Let us come together and do our bit to restore the dignity of our women and children.

Take steps to eradicate this disease

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