Resurrecting Kashmir

Peace Conference and Development Initiatives

Problem Statement

Kashmir, a land of celebrated traditions, peace, tranquility and ideological diversity has been passing through a state of turbulence due to protracted conflicts for over two decades. There has been a dramatic rise in militancy and violence. This continued unrest has resulted in an erosion of the social and cultural ethos as well as in the economic and social development of the State.

Why OVBI is getting involved?
OVBI believes that every individual can make a meaningful impact and play a role in the betterment of the global Indian community and together we can transform the world. It is with this purpose that OVBI plans to support a multi stakeholder Conference on ‘Kashmir Back to Paradise’ on 22nd November, 2016 in Delhi.

Provide a platform to diverse groups from Kashmir such as Women, Youth, Entrepreneurs, and persons who are both engaged and/or affected by militancy, apart from various stakeholders like Academia , Business Community, Youth Leaders, Media, Women working in Social Sector etc to share their views on the current situation and ponder over a peaceful solution and eventually come up with resolutions for a more peaceful and prosperous Kashmir.

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