Covid Relief: India, USA & Canada

With the world in a crisis, OVBI Volunteers swung into action.

Saving Lives at a Critical Time

When the Covid pandemic started, OVBI volunteers and members started to send donations to daily food banks in the USA and Canada to help people who suddenly found themselves out of a job and without any income. Volunteers helped deliver food to hospitals and front line staff.
When the Covid pandemic reached its second wave, there was a shortage of essential supplies in India, and heart wrenching stories started to emerge from all over the country. OVBI quickly swung into action and sent critical medical supplies to help in remote areas of Gujarat-MP border (Public charity trust hospital, Bodeli Dahood), interior areas of Rajasthan, MP, Noida and many larger cities as well. The first batch consisted of Nebulizers and Oxygen cylinders.  Subsequently a large number of oxygen cylinders and other critical equipment was sent to many locations all over India. OVBIs teams also worked on a critical Plasma match project, where volunteers would work 24*7 and match those who had recovered from Covid with those who needed plasma. Over 240 lives were directly impacted by this service.
A healing chanting session was also held every day for 1 hour, for 365 days, to help those who were feeling anxious during the Covid pandemic.

At a Glance

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