Supporting Indo Canadians

Serving Indo-Canadians and Canadians in multiple areas

Projects for New Immigrants and Residents

It is our mission to be of service to the local community where we live in, and to people of Indian origin, whether that is Indians living in Canada, or the larger Indo-Canadian community.

OVBI recognizes that it is difficult to settle in a new country and has been helping new immigrants integrate into society by offering free community services on topics like immigration, accounting, and medical, as well as providing a support structure for victims of hate crimes, domestic violence, or racial discrimination.

Educational Seminars

This seminar supports new students in university coursework and career choices. We connect the students with a mentor to help guide them with any career challenges.

Immigration and Travel information

We help to connect new immigrants with local resources and support, including housing, financial and banking engagement, school registration, health services and much more.

Banking, Pension, Voting and more

Indo Canadians need timely information on many new and changing rules, as well as support for voting rights, pension paperwork/Life certificates, banking, travel, and much more. OVBI holds regular sessions to inform the community in a timely manner with the help of other partner organizations, support from consular officers and other experts

Actively contribute to-Canadian community causes