Stress Relief Programs

Unique, impactful programs for healthy and joyful living

Increase Happiness, Decrease Stress

OVBI works closely with the Art of Living for interactive sessions on stress relief using breathwork. Stress has become a major cause of multiple illnesses and now affects multiple age groups including younger children. Trained teachers and volunteers conduct these sessions that focus on a healthy life style, Yogic Asanas, Breathwork and meditation and various other aspects that help an individual cope with stress. The sessions go into depth on benefits of yoga for the integration of physical health, mental health and spirituality and how an individual can manage their energy for positive outcomes at home and work. The interactive sessions have practical demonstrations of various postures, breathing techniques and more.  Over 100+ independent studies, across 4 continent and published in peer-reviewed journals demonstrate the immense benefits of practicing the SKY Breath.

Help Reduce Stress in communities around us